European Escape

When we retired in 2009 we made a plan to escape the wet winter months at Muddy Landing and travel to far places. After some travel in New Zealand and Asia we decided to try something a little more challenging.

In the long winter of 2012 we planned a motorhome trip in the following European summer. The Australian dollar had peaked in August that year so we bought a heap of Euros, updated our passports and started researching how to do it.

We traveled to Hamburg in March of 2013 and purchased an old and small Hymer motorhome and traveled through Germany, France, Ireland and UK.

We stored the motor home in the UK over the European winter and returned for more travel in 2014 – in Spain, Portugal, France and the UK. In 2015 we traveled in Italy, Croatia, Austria and Germany.

We sold the Hymer in July 2015 and took a break from travel in 2016.

We bought another motorhome in 2017, slightly larger with a few extra features and a bigger motor from a dealer near Frankfurt, and traveled in Germany, France, Ireland and the UK.

In 2018 we traveled to Morocco for two months and then up and down the Pyrenees in Spain and France.

In 2019 we travelled to Norway, Finland, Latvia and Germany for three months and then did some house sitting in the UK.

2020 was a non travel year due to the Pandemic which rendered Europe a no go zone.

Here is a map of where we went over 6 European summers: